Gem Star Ring

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This Gem Star Ring has two configurations: it can look like a gem or like a star, and that is how it got its name. When I say "gem", I am referring to a square-ish rock and when I say "star", I am referring to a thing that looks like the tip of a Phillips screwdriver. Gem and Star sounds so much nicer than Rock and Screwdriver.

Gem Star Ring Instructions

    origami ring
  1. Get a rectangular sheet of paper. This one is 1" x 4" but anything of similar size would work. Place the paper so it is white-side facing up.
    Fold and unfold in half lengthwise.

  2. origami ring
  3. Fold the paper in half crosswise.

  4. origami ring
  5. Fold the two corners to the central crease as shown. Unfold
  6. Make an inside reverse fold along the two creases made in step 3 (pop the corners inwards so they are in between the layers of paper).

  7. origami ring
  8. With the top layer of paper, fold the top-edge and bottom-edge to the middle crease.
  9. Repeat step 5 with back layer of paper. This makes the band of the finger ring.

  10. origami ring
  11. Note where the paper changes from white to colored. The white part is the band; the colored part will be the gem. Make a crease at the location where the model changes from white to colored paper. Make a valley and a mountain fold so the crease can bend either way.
  12. Swing the back-layer of paper towards the right side again. Allow the colored part of the paper (the gem-star) to stand upright perpendicular to the white part (band) of the paper.
  13. Below: This is how it should look like.

  14. origami ring
  15. Side view: gently pull the band away from each other so the gem expands.

  16. origami ring
  17. Wrap the band part of the ring around towards one another. Tuck in one side into the other side so it forms a closed loop.
  18. You can leave the model so the stone looks like a Phillips screwdriver (star shaped)
  19. or you can press the tip of the model so it becomes a gem-like structure (square-ish)

  20. origami ring Beauty!

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