Folded-Book Art Sculptures

These Folded-Book Art Sculptures are stunning and represent the ultimate gift for almost any occasion. Whether you are celebrating a sweet 16 birthday or a 50th anniversary, these books will make a statement which no one can ignore.
      • send a message of love or faith to a friend,
      • create your name from folded pages of a book,
      • logos, symbols, monograms, commemorative dates, and more!

Each folded-book sculpture is made to your specifications when you place an order. Contact Us for details, see more Folded Book Art samples, or check the frequently asked questions for more information. To order, use the text and drop-down windows on the right to enter your specifications.

Hearts (click on image to enlarge)
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Monogram (click on image to enlarge)
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Symbols & Icons (click on image to enlarge)
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Letter-Symbol-Letter (click on image to enlarge)
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3-Letter Words (click on image to enlarge)
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4-Letter Words (click on image to enlarge)
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Custom Order (click on image to enlarge)
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The possibilities are as expansive as your imagination. Send Email for custom designs.

Mini Folded Pocket-Book Art Sculptures - only 4.5" high
Custom Design Custom Design Custom Design
Custom Design Custom Design
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Folded Book Art Sculptures made with pocket books. The pocket books are 4.5 inches tall, 3.25 inches wide, and have 80 pages of lined paper in them. The pocket books are new so there is no writing within. The cover is speckled and can be blue, green, red, or black in color.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the Folded-Book Art Sculptures?
The height of the book is typically 9-11 inches tall. The books can be splayed open or compressed so their width is variable. Typically:
100+ pages for a single letter or symbol (M or ♥);
200+ pages for two letters and symbol (M&B or M♥B);
300+ pages for short words (Love or Mary);
400+ pages for dates and longer words (08-11-13).

Where do you get the books from?
These are recycled books bought from a local library: they are not new books. We choose books which are hard cover, clean, and presentable. We avoid books which may offend and prefer novels with neutral, or mainstream content.

You can have a specific book folded to give it special meaning. For this to work, the book should be hard cover and should have enough pages to complete the project. See above for the number of pages needed per project. You can send the book to us, or we can order the book from and have the price added on.

How much does a Folded-Book Art Sculpture cost?
The cost of each book sculpture depends on the complexity but in genera, approximate prices are as follows:
$30 for a monogram or single digit; example:   M   7  
$40 for a simple symbol; example: ♥   ★
$40 for two digits; example:   16   25   50
$60 for two letters and one symbol; example:   M+J   M&J   M♥J or   M.J.
$60 for three letters; example:   Amy   TLC   Luv
$80 for four letters; example:   Hero   Mary   Love
$100 for five letters; example:   Linda   James   Trust
$120 for six letters ; example:   Mickey   Beauty  
$125 for for dates; example:   08-11-13   08•11•13
$140 for seven letters; example:   Journey   Stewart
$160 for eight letters; example: Rachelle   GoldStar  

How much is shipping?
Shipping within USA is $15.
International shipping is $45.
Shipping is by USPS.

What if I need a word longer than 8 letters?
It gets progressively more difficult to find books with enough pages to accommodate long words. However, it is not impossible; hardcover, 1000-page books do exist! Contact Us and let's see what we can do for you.

Do you use glue or cut the pages?
Glue and cutting are not used in our Folded Book Art, except two designs which require cutting: Star of David, and YinYang.

What do you use them for?
Folded-book art sculptures are usually given as gifts to friends and family members. They are sometimes used as displays in stores and offices; or as center pieces in parties. Because the books are personalized and crafted with care, they are one-of-a-kind gifts! You could unfold the pages and read the book but this is rarely done.

When can I get a Folded-Book Art Sculpture?
Send email to order a folded-book sculpture. At the time of ordering, we will tell you the expected delivery date based on the number of orders ahead of yours. In general, the turn around time for USA shoppers is about 7 to 10 days. International shoppers will need to wait about 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for delays if the item is held at Custom for inspection prior to delivery.

Can I have my own design made into a book sculpture?
Yes. Send an image of your project and we will advise you on its feasibility. Designs should have broad strokes and little detailing.

What if I want a phrase?
Phrases can be made over 2 or 3 books if necessary. For example:
  "Home Sweet Home" in three books.
  "Love Joy Peace" in three books.
  "Happy Birthday" in two books.
  "Will You Marry Me?" in four books.

Can I have a different font?
Yes. Tell us the font you wish to have and send a sample of how it should look like. Avoid skinny fonts or fonts that have a lot of detailing. Straight lines are good, and wide lines are good.

Can I choose my own book?
If you have a specific book which you would like to have folded, then let us know. We can order the book from amazon and then fold it after it arrives. The cost of ordering the book will be added to the original cost. Having your desired book folded will only work if there are enough pages in the book. Hardcover books are recommended because they can stand upright and because they are usually larger than a typical paperback. Contact Us to inquire.

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