Flower Barrette

flower barrette

This colorful flower barrette is made with fringed quilling flowers. If you do not know how to quill, then you should read:

  - intro to quilling
  - basic quilling techniques
  - make a fringed flower

flower barrette To make this barrette, you will need:
  • 3 fringed flowers
  • one 2¼" barrette (buy here)
  • a piece of flexible plastic
  • green paper, and
  • glue

flower barrette

Flower Barrette Instructions

  1. Make 3 fringed flowers according to instructions. The petals (purple, pink, red) were made with strips of paper ⅜" wide and 8" long. The centers (yellow paper) were ¼" wide and 2.5" long.

    Photos shows quilling flowers being made:
    - purple is being rolled onto quilling tool;
    - red is completely rolled;
    - pink has had petals flared open.

  2. Cut a piece of flexible plastic so that it is slightly larger than the 2½" barrette. Round the corners to avoid sharp edges. Wrap and glue green paper around the plastic.

  3. When dry, glue the wrapped plastic onto the barrette. A glue gun works well and relatively quickly. If the plastic is thick or inflexible, you may need to clamp the two components together while the glue sets.
  4. Glue on the 3 fringed flowers and you're done! Barrette is approximately 2½" wide.

flower barrette These barrettes are perfect for flower girls at weddings: color coordinate with the wedding colors.

A nice variation is to glue on a pearl in the center of each flower.

Red, white, and blue flowers make a patriotic barrette.