Origami Fish

This easy origami fish is a variation of the classic windmill.
Original creator unknowns, possibly a traditional model.

origami fish
  1. Take a square sheet of paper and pre-crease it as shown.
  2. Collapse the paper into a classic windmill.
  3. Arrange the flaps: fold the bottom-left flap down and fold the the bottom-right flap to the right.
  4. Prepare the tail: fold the bottom-right flap up...
  5. ...then fold the tip down.
  6. Repeat with upper half of the tail: fold the top-right flap down...
  7. ...then fold the tip back up again. This completes the tail.
  8. Prepare the fins: fold the top and bottom flaps towards the center. Leave a small space which will be the mouth of the fish.
  9. Turn over. Origami fish is done!