Origami Fish Base

Fish Base

Origami Fish Base

  1. Take a square sheet of paper and position it so the corners of the paper point up and down.
    Fold the paper in half from right to left. Unfold.
    Fold the paper in half from top to bottom. Unfold.

  2. Fold the bottom-right and bottom-left edges of the paper to align with the central, vertical crease. Unfold.

  3. Fold the top-right and top-left edges of the paper down to align with the central, vertical crease.

  4. Redo the folds in step 2 while you lift the edges of the paper upwards. Step 4a shows the transition step.

  5. Done! The origami fish base is a diamond shape with a small flap in front. As its name implies, this base is used to make origami fish which can be seen here and here.

Sometimes different origami models start with the same few folds. Instead of describing the folds over and over again, an author may choose to simply say "start with Origami Base 1". Instructions to make Origami Base 1 is given once and then referred to by its name and/or page number where it appears.

An origami base is a series of folds resulting in an intermediate configuration which can then be used to create many other things. Because of this, a person can define as many origami bases as is convenient to their specific projects; however, there are only a handful of common origami bases universally recognized by the origami community.

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