Egg-Laying Chicken

origami paper Egg-Laying Chicken This Egg-Laying Chicken was created by Zsuzsanna Kricskovics. It is often mistaken as a traditional model because it is based on the traditional model named Monkey Climbing a Mountain (video)

origami paper Egg-Laying Chicken Both models are great example of action origami. Action origami models are paper creations which move (hop, jump, open & close, spin, clap) or make noise (click, bang, snap). Action models are great toys and children love to play with them. More action model diagrams here.

In this example, the origami chicken can lay an egg! To make the egg, you will need a pair of scissors to cut off a piece of the paper and use it as an egg. Savvy origami enthusiasts will notice that the egg is really a waterbomb base. If you like, you can invert the waterbomb base and it will be a preliminary base. Both shapes will work as an egg.

Egg-Laying Chicken Instructions

    origami paper Egg-Laying Chicken

  1. Start by making a preliminary base. Firsts, make two diagonal folds. Unfold and turn the paper around.
  2. Fold the paper in half (left to right) and unfold.
  3. Fold the bottom-edge of the paper to the top-edge. At the same time, bring together the left and right edges of the paper.

  4. origami paper Egg-Laying Chicken

  5. The paper will collapse along the crease lines.
  6. Bring the flap of paper that is in front towards the right. Bring the flap that is behind towards the left.
  7. The completed preliminary base has two flaps on each side of the model.

  8. origami paper Egg-Laying Chicken

  9. Fold the top layer of paper down. Repeat behind.
  10. Like turning the pages of a book, turn one layer of paper from right to left. At the back of the model, turn one layer of paper from left to right.
  11. Fold the top-left and top-right edges of the paper towards the center.

  12. origami paper Egg-Laying Chicken

  13. Repeat behind.
  14. Again, turn the "pages" so the top flap moves to the left and a back flap moves to the right.
  15. The right side will be the chicken's tail. The left side will be the chicken's head. Make valley folds as shown. Unfold.
  16. Make two inside reverse fold. Notice that the head (left side) is pointing up a little.

  17. origami paper Egg-Laying Chicken

  18. The rest is just detailing. For the tail (right side), make an outside reverse fold so the tail curls back towards the body.
    For the head (left side), make another inside reverse fold.
  19. For the head, make one more inside reverse fold to get the chicken's beak.
  20. For the body, fold up the top layer of paper.
  21. Tuck the protruding section of paper behind the body of the chicken.

  22. origami paper Egg-Laying Chicken

  23. Repeat steps 16 & 17 behind.
  24. Use scissors to cut off the bottom corner of the model. This will be the egg.
  25. Egg-Laying Chicken is done.

How to Make Egg-Laying Chicken lay an Egg

origami paper Egg-Laying Chicken

  1. To make the chicken lay an egg, place the egg (waterbomb base or as a preliminary base) at the top of the model between the head and the tail. Make sure that the flaps of the egg are outside of the head and tail.
  2. Push the egg down as far as it will go so it is under the body of the chicken.
  3. Wiggle the chicken's head and tail up and down. this movement will cause the egg to drop down and come out the bottom of the chicken.
  4. Repeat as often as you like. This chicken can lay as many eggs as you want.

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