Easy Origami Fly

origami bug
This easy origami fly is simple to make and looks great. You can make the model with a square sheet of paper, but if you begin with a triangle, it will allow the wings to be a different color compared to the head and body of the fly. The change in color is a nice detailing.

origami fly
  1. Start with a square sheet of paper and cut it in half along the diagonal to get an isosceles triangle.

  2. Fold in half and unfold.

  3. Fold up the two bottom corners so the corners meet at the peak of the triangle.

  4. Fold the two corners back down, except fold them at a bit of an angle so the corners are slightly away from one another like the wings of a bug.

  5. Fold down the top of the triangle; don't fold down exactly in half, leave a small gap as shown. Unfold

  6. Fold down the top section of the triangle into thirds. Then fold down once more along the crease made above.

  7. Fold back the left & right sides of the model to form the body of the fly.

  8. Fold the tips of the wings a little so it is not so pointy

  9. Origami Fly is done!

origami fly
Although house flies do not sting or bite, they are an annoyance when one is buzzing around you or your food. In fact, flies can transmit disease because their legs are often contaminated with pathogens from poop, garbage, or dead animals. So, stick with an origami fly, they are much more clean and they are fun to make.

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