Easy Origami by Didier Boursin

easy origami Didier Boursin Easy Origami by Didier Boursin is an interesting and different kind of origami book. In fact, I would call it an Easy Paper Arts book because the models inside are not the traditional origami that you often see in Easy Origami books.

Easy Origami Didier Boursin The book is 64 pages long, but the first 15 pages are dedicated to introductory material (symbols, terminology, basic folds etc). There are instructions for 24 models:

Mostly Cutting
Five of the models require minimal folding and rely predominantly on cutting. These may be called kirigami instead of origami. Included in this set are:
• String of Dolls (classic)
• Simple Stars (1-4 cuts)
• Decorations (multiple cuts)
• Pine tree (multiple cuts)
• Butterfly (4 cuts)

Easy Origami Didier Boursin Mostly Folding
Three of the models are folded like traditional origami and require a small cut in order for the model to unfold properly. Personally, I do not mind if cutting is involved; however, some purists do not like cutting. Be warned, almost half of the models in this book have one or more cuts. Included in this set are:
• Hamster (cut to get ears)
• Rabbit (cut to get ears)
• Propeller (cuts & weaving)

Only Folding
The remaining 16 models require only folding. Half of these models use one sheet of paper while the other half uses two or more pieces of paper. When multiple sheets are used, it is often easy to fold the pieces, but it is difficult to assemble the pieces into the finished model. Included in this set are:
Easy Origami Didier Boursin • Boat
• Mouth (cute!)
• Envelope
• Garland
• Airplane (classic)
• Bracelet (elegant)
• Face (getting more complex)
• Bird (nice!)

• Flower (2 pieces)
• Fish (2 pieces)
• House (one piece)
• Pyramid (2 pieces)
• Star cluster (8 pieces)
• What’s This (18 pieces)
• Cube (6 pieces)
• Fancy Star (12 pieces)
• Ball (12 pieces each)

Easy Origami Didier Boursin The last 5 models are easy to fold but difficult to assemble. This type of multi-sheet origami is called modular origami

Summary: this book has an eclectic mix of paper arts which include kirigami, origami and modular origami. The easy models are quite easy and will appeal to young children; however, the harder models will be beyond their reach. It is a good beginners book for adults or older children but not recommended for young children.