Weave an Easy Fish

This page shows you how to weave an easy fish using strips of paper or ribbon. This project is simple if you remember that weaving involves threading the material in an over-and-under pattern.

Weave an Easy Fish Instructions

  1. Cut two strips of paper or get two strips of ribbon. In this sample, the strip was ½" wide and 11" long. Fold the strips in half.

  2. Interlace the two strips of paper so they are like the letter "L". Note that:
          A is on top of X,
          X is on top of B,
    and B is on top of Y.

  3. Fold X downwards to form a loop. Note that X is still in between A and B.

  4. Weave B across towards the left. Note that B goes over X and then under X (the usual over-and-under pattern).

  5. Weave X upwards by going over A and under B. Note the checkerboard pattern.

  6. Tighten the weave by pulling on A, B, X, and Y.

  7. Turn over.

  8. Weave B towards the left by going over Y and under X. Notice again that this is the typical over-and-under pattern. Note also the checkerboard pattern.

  9. Tighten the weave by pulling on A, B, X, and Y.

  10. Trim the tail and fins with scissors and you're done! You can string it up and use it as a decoration or make it into a mobile.