Dollar Bill Origami by John Montroll

dollar bill origami
Dollar Bill Origami by John Montroll is an extensive book with 37 $origami models ranging from quite easy to quite hard. First published in 2003, this book is now a classic which many $origami enthusiasts own.

dollar bill origami At about $11, this book sure has a lot of bang for its buck! In this book you will find:
  • 2 insects,
  • 4 plants,
  • 8 birds,
  • 9 animals, and
  • 14 objects.
shown: butterfly & dragonfly.

This book has no photos: origami models are shown as line drawings with shading.

In the beginning of the book, all the models are shown along with the page where it can be found. This visual table of content is much superior compared to the usual textual list.

dollar bill origami Each model is ranked by difficulty: one star, two star, or three stars with 3-stars being the most challenging. However, some of the 2-star models seem to be just as difficult as the 3-star models.

shown are:
flower, tree,
tulip, and evergreen.

dollar bill origami

Challenging models are difficult to complete due to at least 3 reasons:
  1. the models become smaller and smaller thereby making it difficult to hold and manipulate;

  2. dollar bills are thick, and in complex models, the thickness of the bill makes it quite difficult to fold accurately; and

  3. some of the folds are technically difficult (sink fold, double rabbit ear fold).

shown are:
swan, vulture,
goose, crane,
pelican, eagle,
flamingo, and peacock.

dollar bill origami

Generally: dollar bill origami objects tend to be easier to make compared to $origami birds and animals.

Inaccuracies in dimensions of an object can be easily overlooked. However, an error in location/proportion of a living thing is easy to spot. In addition, $origami birds have beaks and claws which require fine detailed maneuvers not for the faint of heart.

shown are:
dragon, armadillo,
squirrel, rabbit,
dinosaur, llama,
alligator, bison,
and aardvark.

$ objects include:
house, mask,
boat, shirt, windmill,
3-diamonds, Star of David, sword,
George Washington Slept Here, George Washington Framed, One-way arrow,
diamond, cube, and tetrahedron.
dollar bill origami
dollar bill origami