Dollar Bill Flower

dollar bill flower
This dollar bill flower is easy to make and looks great: lot's of wow-value with minimal work. Uses three $1 and a twist tie. Adapted from here.

$ origami flower

Dollar Bill Flower Instructions

  1. Place the dollar bill with the President's face up. Pre-crease the money into quarters horizontally, and in half vertically.

  2. Valley fold the right and left edges of the bill to the quarter mark.

  3. Valley fold the four corners inwards.

  4. Valley fold the top and bottom edges towards the central horizontal crease.

  5. Valley fold in half (fold bottom up). Make 2 more of these.

  6. Stack the three units side by side and bind together with a twist tie or a small piece of rope/wire. Bind at the center to make 6 petals.

  7. Evenly distribute the 6 petals away from one another and flare open.

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