Cup of Gold origami craft

This is a modification of the classic origami cup. This cup can stand up on its own and not fall over.
  1. Take a piece of square paper (if you are using origami paper, place the color side down). Fold corner to corner to make a triangle.

  2. Fold the bottom right corner to the left edge.

  3. Flip model around.

  4. Repeat step 2: bring bottom right to the left edge.

  5. Pry open the pockets and tuck the top flaps into the pockets.

  6. In order for the container to stand up by itself, it needs to have a flat bottom. To do this, fold a quarter of the cup upwards. Fold back and forth a few times to make a good crease.

  7. Pry open the cup and push the bottom quarter of the cup upwards. It will look like the bottom of a wine bottle. Jiggle and coerce the paper until you get a flat bottom rim.

  8. Fill the cup with gold chocolate coins and let the party begin!