Complete Origami by Eric Kenneway

Complete Origami Eric Kenneway Complete Origami by Eric Kenneway is not a typical origami book. This book contains information regarding many aspects of origami. It's an ABC of the art of origami. Each topic is discussed briefly with historical references and accompanying diagrams to demonstrate the topic at hand.

I really recommend this book for people who want to know more about origami and not simply how to fold origami. That being said, this book does have instructions to make over 100 projects. In many respects, Complete Origami is like this web site: it has lots of information and has diagrams.

Complete Origami Inside Topics discussed include:
  1. Action Models, Aeroplanes, Ane-Sama Ningyo, Applique, Architecture, Art
  2. Bangers, Bases, Blintz, Boats, Booklet, Box Pleating, Butterflies
  3. Catalogue Folding, Chapeaugraphy, Chinese Tradition, Circular Origami, Computer Origami, Consequences, Cookery, Corner Fasteners, Cross Pleating, Crumpling Paper, Cup
  4. Diagramming, Diploma, Disaster Situations
  5. Electronic Origami, Envelope Folding, Exhibitions,
  6. Fans, Flexagons, Flowers, Foil, Frogs
  7. Geometry, Greeting Cards
  8. Handkerchief Folding, Hats, Headscarf Folding, Hina
  9. Itajime-Shibori
  10. Japanese Tradition, Juan Escudiro
  11. Kasane-Origami, Kirigami, Kirikomi Origami, Kites, Kline-Fogleman Aerofoil, Knife, Knots, Koi-Nobori, Kusudama
  12. Laminating Paper, Lampshades, Large-Scale Models, Laundry Folding, Leaf Folding, Lindbergh Case, Loin Cloth
  13. Map Folding, Mizuhiki, Mobiles, Modular Origami, Money Folding, Multi-Piece Models,
  14. Napkin Folding, Nappy Folding, Newspaper Folding, No-Sew Cushion Covers, Noshi
  15. Offset-Center Bases, One-Fold Origami, Origami, Origamians and Origamists
  16. Pajarita, Paper, Performance Art, Pictorial Origami, Picture Frame, Playground Folds, Postage Stamps, Printed Paper Folding, Pure Origami, Puzzles
  17. Quilling
  18. Resin, rules, Rupert Annuals
  19. Salt Cellar, Scenic Route, Sembazuru, Shape and Surplus, Small-Scale models, Societies, Sound-Producing Origami, Square, Stars, Stretching
  20. Tape Folding, Tato, Teaching, Therapy, Thumbnail Folding, Ticket Folding, Tissue Folding, Triangles, Troublewit, Twist Folding,
  21. Umbrellas, Unibasic Form
  22. Valentine, Visiting Cards
  23. Waterbomb, Washi, Waxing Models, Western Tradition, Wet Folding, Wrapping the buck book models
  24. X-ray Cover Sheets
  25. Yakko-San
  26. Zen

Photos: Butterfly, Catalog Folding Tree, Kirikomi Origami Spider, Kusudama Ball, Itajime-Shibori dyed napkins, Tato, and Umbrella.

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