Clover Paper Chain

  1. Take a piece of paper and cut into into 4 strips lengthwise.

  2. Valley-fold the strip in half.

  3. Valley fold the strip into quarters.

  4. Mountain fold the strip into eights.

  5. Compress the strip into a stack, accordion style.

  6. Draw a clover or shamrock onto the top sheet of the stack. Cut out the clover making sure that you leave ΒΌ" of space uncut (shown with an arrow). This uncut gap will allow the clovers to remain connected to one another.

  7. Unfold the stack and you have a clover paper chain! Repeat with the remaining strips of paper. Tape the four chains together to get a longer chain. They're great decorations for a St Patrick's day party.

Note: there are two possible outcomes of this project. The first is 4 clovers linked side by side. The second outcome is 3 linked clovers plus 2 half clovers at the beginning and end of the chain. Experiment a little to see how you can get the outcome you seek. Hint: see figure below.