Clearance and On Sale Bin

Clearance and on sale bin sale for less than perfect Moravian (German) star paper strips.

When I cut large sheets of paper into strips, there are always some strips that are not perfect. These are being sold at half price.
  • Raw Edge: Most of the time, the first and last cut has a raw edge that is not smooth.
  • Width: Sometimes the papers are a millimeter too wide or a millimeter too narrow compared to the standard sizes (3/8" , 1/2" , 5/8" , 3/4" or 1")
  • Missing Strips: Sometimes there is only 43 strips of paper instead of the usual 50 strips.
  • Missing Colors: Lastly, some packs of paper are missing colors. For example, a rainbow pack may have red, orange, yellow, green, blue but is missing the purple.
  • Other Details: There are many ways in which skinny strips of paper can be cut imperfectly: too many to describe!.
Regardless of the defect, these paper strips are still good enough to use to make Moravian (German) stars. They are good enough to use but they are not good enough to charge full price. Just remember, the paper strips are on sale for a reason: they are not perfectly cut.

Only one pack of each pack:

On Sale Gold Paper Strips

On Sale Gold, Silver, and/or Red

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