Circular Paper Dolls

Is your child "done" with paper chain dolls? Try this circular paper dolls variation.
It brings a new dimension to the classic art & craft. Now the people hold hands
and form a connect circle. What a way to show unity and goodwill among all men!

  1. Cut out a large circle from a sheet of paper.
    • You can use the rim of a plate as a template to draw the circle and then cut it out,
    • you can buy a circular paper cutter, or
    • you can buy pre-cut circular origami paper.

  2. Fold the circle in half three times (in half, into quarters, and then into eights). You will get a pie-piece shape.

  3. Draw out two half-figures as shown. In this example, half a man is on the left and half a woman is on the right. It is easier to have the heads pointing in towards the center of the circle and the feet pointing out towards the perimeter.

  4. Cut out the figures and unfold. You will find 8 figures holding hands to form a complete circle.

  5. You can decorate the figures with eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and clothes. You can make a variation with just men holding hands or just women holding hands. A bonus feature is that the "left over" piece of paper from the head and shoulder region unfolds into a beautiful star-burst shape!

Circular Paper Dolls Templates

To use the circular paper dolls templates below:
  1. Hover your mouse over the figures.
  2. Right click your mouse and "copy".
  3. Paste the figures into a text editor like Microsoft Word.
4. Print and cut out the figure that you like and use it as a template for making your own circular-paper-dolls.

Kid Friendly Kirigami Projects