Chopstick Wrapper Heart

chopstick wrapper
Learn to fold a chopstick wrapper into an origami heart. This paper heart can be given as an impromptu gift, or can be used as a chopstick stand. It's a great way to spend your time while you wait for your Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese food to arrive.

    chopstick wrapper
  1. Rip open and remove the chopstick out of its sleeve.
    Valley fold one end of the wrapper forming a triangular flap.
  2. Valley fold along the vertical edge of the triangular flap thereby wrapping it over itself.

  3. chopstick wrapper
  4. Valley fold along the diagonal edge of the triangular flap again.
  5. Repeat: valley fold along the vertical edge of the triangular flap.

  6. chopstick wrapper
  7. Continue folding in this fashion...
  8. until...

  9. chopstick wrapper
  10. most of the wrapper has been folded up...

chopstick wrapper
  1. and there is only a short section of wrapper left.

  2. Rip off some of the left-over wrapper so the left-over portion is about half the width of the triangular flap.
    Valley fold the top corner down.

  3. Valley fold the left-over section and tuck it under an existing layer of paper.

  4. Use your thumbnail to push down the wide edge of the triangle. Push down at the midpoint to form a dent.

  5. Fold down the corner to make a rounded heart shape.

  6. Done!

  7. When you are patiently waiting for your food to arrive, entertain yourself with origami. You can make:
        a stand in 7 steps,
        a bird in 10 steps,
        or a heart in 12 steps.
    Not bad for a disposable chopstick sleeve.

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chopstick wrapper chopstick wrapper