Chopstick Wrapper Bird

origami chopstick stand These instructions will show you how to make an origami chopstick wrapper bird. When you are in a restaurant waiting for your Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese food to come, don't sit idle! Instead, impress your friends with this origami bird made from the paper sleeve surrounding the disposable chopsticks. Not only is it cute, it also serves as a stand for your chopsticks.

origami chopstick stand
Rip open one end of the wrapper and remove the chopstick.
  1. Fold and unfold the wrapper in half to find the midpoint.
  2. Fold the top edge of the wrapper to meet with the central crease.
    Do this on the left and right side.
origami chopstick stand
  1. Like making a paper airplane, fold the top edges inwards to make the model more narrow.

  2. Working with one side, fold the long end of the wrapper up as shown.
origami chopstick stand
  1. Fold this end of the wrapper down again.
  2. Repeat this accordion or fan fold until the entire wrapper is folded into a tidy stack.
  3. Pleat the other side in the same way.
origami chopstick stand
  1. Fold the model in half so the pleats are side by side.

  2. Outside reverse fold the pointy tip to make the bird's head.

  3. Flare open the pleats and stand the bird upright. Now you have a wonderful chopstick rest.

origami chopstick stand When in a restaurant, does the conversation sometimes fade to an awkward silence? Fear not! Alleviate the problem with:
  - the above 10 steps,
  - materials immediately available,
  - and your MacGyver-like origami skills.
After you fold your wrapper into an origami bird, go ahead and fold the remaining wrappers into more chopstick stands... ---> more chopstick wrapper folds
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