Buttonhole Flowers

origami flower These lovely 4-leafed Buttonhole flowers were created by Paul Jackson. See photo instructions below or see diagrams here

Buttonhole flowers look best when the paper is the same color on both sides. If you use origami paper that is white on one side and colored on the other, be sure to fold it so that the color side is inside the folds - the color will be visible only at the final step of the project.

origami flower
  1. If you are using origami paper that is white on one side, start with the white side facing up. Fold the paper left to right, unfold. Repeat by folding top to bottom, unfold. This gives a "+" crease mark.
  2. Turn the paper over and fold it on the diagonal, corner to corner; unfold. Repeat by folding corner to corner along the other diagonal; unfold. This gives an "X" crease mark.
  3. Collapse the paper into a waterbomb base. To do this, bring the top of the paper down towards the bottom while pushing the sides inwards.
  4. This will naturally fold into triangle with two flaps on the left and two flaps on the right.
  5. Rotate the model so that the base of the triangle is up and the apex is down. Fold the two flaps on the left towards the right side. All 4 flaps should be stacked as shown on 6.
  6. Fold two layers back to the left side, but fold at an angle as shown in 7.
  7. Note: try to fold the paper so that the top left corner comes to s sharp point; the sharper, the better. Turn the model over as shown in 8.
  8. Fold the left flaps towards the right side. Use the flaps on the right as a guide to determine where to fold the left flaps.
  9. The 4 flaps are again overlapping but there is a nib. The nib will be the stem of the flower.
  10. Hold the nib and rotate the model so that you look at it from the top. Separate the 4 flaps evenly as shown in 10a.
  11. Use your fingers and pry open the flap layers so they look like petals. Bend back the petal a little so it keeps its shape. Finished!