Origami Butterfly Hair Pin

flower barrette This Origami Butterfly Hair Pin is easy to make and requires minimal supplies:
  • paper,
  • one hair pin,
  • glue, and
  • a clear, waterproof sealant.

Origami Butterfly Hair Pin Instructions

  1. Cut a piece of paper between 1" to 2" square. Fold it into an origami butterfly according to instructions. Instructions for a variety of different origami butterflies can be found here.

  2. To keep the butterfly in a freshly-folded condition, apply glue to all layers (read about glues here).

    Using a toothpick, apply glue between the layers that make up the wings. Next apply glue to all layers visible on the underside of the butterfly. Press the butterfly under a heavy weight and wait for the glue to dry before proceeding.

    Lastly, apply a dab of glue in the middle of the butterfly which forms the body. Pinch the layers together and allow to dry before proceeding.

  3. Protect the butterfly with a thin coating. This can be an aerosol spray of varnish, or shellac. Or, you can brush on a layer of clear nail polish. Read about sealants here. Allow to dry.

  4. Glue the butterfly onto a hair pin. Position the butterfly parallel to the hair pin to maximize contact. A glue gun works well but be sure that the glue does not accidentally glue the two arms of the hair pin together. Your origami butterfly hair pin is done!

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