Business Card Origami Sailboat

This cute sailboat can be made from a business cad. You can fold the business card along the lines shown. Or, if your business cards are thick, you can use a sharp tool to score along the lines shown. Scoring the cards first will make them easier to fold later. A good tool is a folding bone, the tip of a knife, or a pen which has run out of ink.

Instructions below are for scoring first and then folding. origami business cards
  1. Use a ruler and a scoring tool to make the lines as shown on steps 1 through 5.

  2. In step 6, begin to fold the business card according to the crease pattern shown.

    The blue lines indicate valley folds and the red lines indicate mountain folds. The next two photos show the progression.

  3. Score along the lines to shape the sail. Fold the sections behind and in between the sail.

  4. Done.

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