Business Card Jackson's Cube

If you have an ample supply of business cards and want to do something creative with them, you can make this business card Jackson's Cube. Each cube requires 6 business cards. These cubes are easy to make and look great but they are not terribly stable and cannot be tossed around (note: when folded accurately from square sheets of paper, the Jackson's Cubes are very stable).

business card origami
  1. Take two business cards and stack them perpendicular to one another.
  2. Fold the edges of the bottom card up and around the top card.
  3. Separate the cards and repeat until you have 6 folded cards.
  4. To assemble the cube, place one folded business card on the table as shown. This will be the base of the cube.
  5. Slide two business cards onto the bottom card (one of the left and one on the right). The small folded flaps should lie on top of the base of the cube.
  6. Slide in a folded card to form the back of the cube. Note that the flaps of this card should slide into the inner side of the cube, touching the left and right walls made in step 5.
  7. Slide in the 5th business card to make the front of the cube. Again, notice that the flaps should slide into the inner side of the cube (they should not be visible from the outside of the cube.
  8. Finish the cube by sliding the last card on top. The flaps should touch inside of the front card and the inside of the back card of the cube.
  9. Done!
Note: In step 1, you need not stack the cards dead center, thus, you can position the cards so that a logo or your name will be at the center of the cube face. A very interesting and pretty conversational piece.

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