Books and Bookmarks

People have always wanted to learn how to make books and bookmarks origami style. Any piece of paper slipped between two pages would do as a bookmark, but origami bookmarks can be stylish and distinguish you apart from the rest. These origami bookmarks are cleverly folded pieces of paper which can be slipped onto the corner of a page.

Diagrams for Origami Bookmarks

Bear Head Bookmark (KD Ennen)
Bear Bookmark (KD Ennen)
Bird Bookmark (M Fengler)
Book mark Print outs (
Book Mark 1, Book Mark 2, Heart Bookmark (K Best)

Bookmark 1 (KD Ennen)
Bookmark 2 (KD Ennen)
Bulldog Bookmark (C Edison)
Basic Butterfly Bookmark (C Edison)
Butterfly Bookmark (G Bubniak)

Cat Bookmark (P D'Auria)
Cobra Bookmark (E Bailey)
Corner Bookmark (C Edison)
Elephant Bookmark (G Bubniak)
Rui Elephant Bookmark (B Dunkan)

Fish Bookmark (S Chen)
Froggy Went a Huntin' (P Bailey)
Heart Bookmark (K Best)
Heart Bookmark (F Guarnieri)
Heart Bookmark (KD Ennen)

Heart Bookmark (
$Heart Bookmark (ORC)
Heart Corner Marker 3 (F Ow)
Mark of Love (J Hills)
Home Page Corner Bookmark (S Chen)

Horse Bookmark (KA Lundberg)
Horse Bookmark (KD Ennen)
Joey Bookmark
Lighthouse Bookmark (D Petty)
Little Bird Bookmark (B Dunkan)

Monkey Bookmark (KD Ennen)
Panda Bookmark: 1, 2 (R Diaz)
Page Marker (M van de Beek)
Rabbit Head Bookmark (KD Ennen)
Practice Penguin Bookmark (V Vann)

Santa Bookmark 1, 2
Simple Bookmark (M Michaelis)
Triangular Bookmarks (RL Wemm)

One would think that making a book out of paper should be easy. After all, a book is a stack of papers. But how do you fold a piece of paper to get the most efficient use of each page? sheet, no glue. Some of the instructions below do use scissors to make strategic cuts.

paper bookmarks
paper bookmarks
paper bookmarks
origami bookmarks
origami bookmarks
origami bookmarks
origami bookmarks
paper bookmarks
origami bookmarks
paper bookmarks
origami bookmarks
origami bookmarks
origami bookmarks
origami bookmarks

Diagrams for Origami Folded Booklets

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