Origami Blow-Up Bunny

origami balloon easter bunny rabbit Learn to make an origami blow-up bunny which you inflate by blowing air into a hole. This model is similar to the Balloon Bunny; both are variations of the waterbomb base.

Origami Blow-Up Bunny Instructions

    paper origami easter bunny rabbit
  1. Make a waterbomb base: start with a square sheet of paper with colored-side facing up. Fold in half (left to right) and unfold. Repeat fold in the vertical direction (top to bottom), unfold.
  2. Turn the paper over and fold/unfold along diagonals to get an X-shaped crease.
  3. Collapse the paper by bringing the top-edge of the paper to the bottom-edge of the paper. At the same time, pinch the left and right edges of the paper together.

  4. paper origami easter bunny rabbit
  5. Completed waterbomb base.

  6. paper origami easter bunny rabbit
  7. Fold the bottom-left and bottom-right corners of the waterbomb base to the top of the model. It will look like a diamond resting on top of a triangle.
  8. Fold in the left and right corners of the diamond towards the middle of the model.

  9. paper origami easter bunny rabbit
  10. At the top of the model are two loose corner-flaps. Fold the corner-flap down so it meets with the edge of the model as shown (join red dots). Unfold. Repeat on the right-side of the model.
  11. Pry open the layers of paper made in step 6 so you have a pocket (ease open at the red arrows). Repeat on right-side.

  12. paper origami easter bunny rabbit
  13. Refold the crease made in step 7 and tuck the corner-flap inside the pocket made in step 8. Repeat on right-side.
  14. Turn the model over.

  15. paper origami easter bunny rabbit
  16. Fold in the left-edge and right-edge of the paper so the edges meet in the middle.
  17. Fold these flaps so they point outwards.

  18. paper origami easter bunny rabbit
  19. Fold the flaps back in so the edges meet at the middle of the model.
  20. Lift the model away for the table and swivel the flaps so they are far from one another. The model is more 3D and less flat. Bring the bottom of the model to your lips and inflate it by blowing air into the hole (red arrow). The model should balloon up.
  21. Done!

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