Origami Bird Base

Bird Base

Bird Base
Bird Base

Origami Bird Base Instructions

  1. Start with a square sheet of paper with color-side facing up.
    Fold and unfold along the diagonal in both directions to get an X crease.

  2. Flip the paper over so white-side is facing up.
    Fold in half from left-to-right. Unfold.

  3. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom.

  4. Push the left and right corners inwards towards one another until new flaps of paper are formed in front and behind.

  5. Swivel the flaps to the side. Follow the red dot to visualize the procedure. This is also called the preliminary base.

  6. Work with the top layer only. Fold the left-edge and right-edge of the paper inwards so they align with the central crease.

  7. Fold the top of the model down. Use the flaps made in step 6 as a guide.

  8. Unfold the last 2 steps so you are back to the preliminary base (step 5).

  9. Lift the top flap upwards along the creases made in steps 6 & 7.
    Steps 9a & 9b show transition steps; step 9c shows the result.

  10. Turn the model over and repeat step 6 (fold the left-edge and right-edge of the paper towards the central crease).

  11. Repeat step 9 (lift flap along crease made in step 10).

  12. Done!
The bird base is used in many models including the iconic Paper Crane and a battery of other variations on the bird theme. For those who do a fair amount of origami, you will see this base used in all types of models and not just in the making of birds.

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