Woven Valentine Paper 3 x 3 Basket 

  1. Start with two pieces of paper of contrasting color. Fold the paper in half.

  2. Cut out a round-top rectangle as shown. Be sure that the bottom of the rectangle is where the paper is folded.

  3. Place the red piece on top of the white sheet. Arrange them perpendicular to one another as shown. Use a pencil and softly mark the width of the red piece onto the white piece. Repeat with the white piece over top the red piece.

  4. Cut the paper into 3 strips as shown with the dotted lines. Cut up to and a little beyond the pencil mark.

  5. Weave the round-top rectangles together: we will start with the first (top) red strip.
    • Unfold the red strip a little;
    • weave the first white strip in between the red strip
    • unfold the second white strip a little
    • weave the red strip in between the second white strip.
    • unfold the red strip slightly and weave the third (and last) white strip between the red. This gives an alternating red-white-red pattern.

    Repeat with the second (middle) red strip. When done, repeat with the third (bottom) red strip. Remember to weave so as to keep the checker-board pattern. When finished, you will be able to open the weaved heart into a cone-shaped basket.

  6. Add a string or paper handle and you've got yourself a Woven Valentine Paper Basket!

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