Autumn Origami

Autumn Origami is a page dedicated to images of the fall season:
  - leaves changing color,
  - bare tree branches, and
  - year end's harvest of pumpkins & squash.
These are followed by images of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Fallen Leaves
Autumn is also called Fall because the leaves on tree change color and fall to the ground. There are many examples of origami leaves; you can make them in shades of orange and brown to emphasize the season.

Leaf (N Robinson)
Leaf (M van Gelder)
Leaf (G Bubniak)

5-Point Leaf: pg 1, pg 2 (D Donahue)
Autumn Leaf (P Keller)
Easy Origami Leaf (ORC)
Double Leaf Ornament (A Barbour)

Maple Leaf (
Maple leaf (B Chan)
Maple Leaf (xingblog)
Maple Leaf (Jassu) page 3 here , video here
Japanese Maple Leaf (S Nakajima)

Origami Leaf (
Origami Leaf (M Faiz)
Poplar Leaf (V Dolz)
Veined Leaf (A Walden)

Bare Trees and Mushrooms
As the leaves fall off, the trees become bare. The ground is covered with decomposing leaves. This forest litter can sometimes be home to mushrooms and undergrowth. All symbols of the encroaching winter.

L'Arbre/Tree (C Boudais)
Autumn Tree (N Robinson)
Tree (NH Cường)

Mushroom (page-a-day calendar)
Mushroom (M Slayton)
Poisonous Mushroom/ A Fly Agaric (
Mushroom/Fly Amantia (J Langeveld)
Coca Cola Cup Mushroom (FrealaF)
Toadstool (

Pumpkins and Jack O Lanterns
Pumpkins are a classic symbol of the Fall Season. In October, pumpkins turn into Jack O' Lanterns

Crazy Jack (A Hudson)
Jack-o'-lantern: (A Barbour) pg 1, pg 2
Jack-O-Lantern (J Clark)
Jack-O-Lantern (
Jack-O-Lantern (J Shafer)
Jack-O-Lantern (L Cooper)
Jack-O'-Lantern (J Wu)
Jan-O-Lantern (KA Lundberg)
Pumpkin Face (S Chen)
Pumpkin Head: Page 1, 2 (sarah)
Pumpkin CP (Gieseking)

In USA and Canada, you can't think of autumn without thinking of turkeys/ This is because the traditional Thanksgiving dinner in November features a roasted turkey.

Turkey: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 (AF Barbour)
Turkey (J Ku)
Thanksgiving Turkey (A Hudson)
Swan/Turkey (ORC)

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