April Projects: origami and paper arts

April Projects

1st week: Origami Rabbit
2nd week: Origami Rabbit Head
3rd week: Shibori (Tie-Dye Napkins)
4th week: Origami Flower

Easy Rabbit
In celebration of Easter, I teach the students an easy origami bunny rabbit. This model is delightful and children will surely go home and populate their entire home with more and more rabbits.

Origami Rabbit Head
This is another easy origami model. The rabbit head is quite stylized, though children don't seem to mind. The paper gets thick, so start with light weight-paper such as the origami paper found in craft stores, Asian grocery stores, or online.

Shibori: Tie-Dye Napkins
Shibori is a complex method of "shaped resist-dyeing" of fabric into elaborate patterns. Here, the process is simplified to tie-dyeing paper towel napkins. This craft doesn't involve paper, but does involve folding paper towels origami-style. The results are absolutely beautiful and kids love it. My secret? I save the dyes from Easter Egg decorating and bring it to school for simple-shibori.

origami tulip Origami Tulip by Michael LaFosse
There are many, many origami flowers available on the internet. Some are quite challenging while other are quite easy. I start the children with an easy "flat" flower created by Michael LaFosse. Although this model is not 3D, it does stand upright like a picture frame. LaFosse is a very accomplished origami artist who is well respected in the origami community. He has published many books geared towards school-aged children. His Origami Tulip is very well suited for this age group. See book review of his books here.

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