A Thousand Cranes: Origami Projects for Peace and Happiness

Since the devastating 2011 earthquake & tsunami in Japan, there has been a renewed interest in origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Scholars suggest that paper folding probably originated in China where paper was invented; however, it was in Japan that the art-form flourished.

Thousand Cranes Stone Bridge Press has addressed this renewed interest in origami by publishing a book called A Thousand Cranes: Origami Projects for Peace and Happiness adapted from books by the renown origami artist, Florence Temko.

Thousand Cranes This book is a great introduction to origami. It gives instructions to fold only one model: the paper crane. In addition to being one of the most recognized origami models found today, the paper crane is also a symbol of longevity, peace, and happiness.

This simple book gives a summary of Sadako's story, a small discussion on origami paper, and basic description of origami symbols and diagrams. Instructions on how to fold a paper crane are in the form of line-drawings with dashed-lines & arrows. [Photo of Sadako Sasaki]

Thousand Cranes The book then suggests other projects which can be done with the folded cranes such as stringing them up to make a mobile; using them in a diorama; or using them in a greeting card. Larger projects such as folding 1000 paper cranes or assembling 1001 cranes into a picture is introduced.
  Photo from Cathy Lancaster

Thousand Cranes Most of the information in this book can be found on the internet; however, there's something to be said about having your material bound and organized into a book. A Thousand Cranes also includes 48 sheets of tear-out origami paper which is a very nice feature. The papers are double-sided with color on one side and patterns on the other sided. [Photo: beautiful, double-sided, tear-out origami paper.]
Written in a clear and simple fashion, this book is a great, self-contained gift for beginner paper folders. Approx $10 from amazon: 24 pages long + 48 sheets of origami paper.