Florence Temko Origami Collection
About the Collection

Florence Temko (1921-2009): read about her here

The Temko Origami Collection is a collection of origami models collected and preserved by Florence Temko for over a 40-year period. There are approximately 1500 to 2000 origami models in the collection.

After careful thought, Florence Temko gave the Collection to the Origami Resource Center, which is taking the initiative to photograph the models so that others can see the contents of the Collection.

Some models in the Collection were not photographed because they are repeats of a common theme with minor variations. Other models did not preserve well or were damaged during storage. Lastly, some models (though stunning during the 1960's) no longer make an impact because of the phenomenal evolution of origami in the last 20 years.

Florence Temko has written about her Origami Collection and her comments can be found in the British Origami Society's web site.