Ed's $Butterfly

Ed's $butterfly
This dollar bill butterfly is created by Ed Halley, hints and text-instructions can be found in his web site. Valley folds in blue; Mountain folds in red.

dollar bill butterfly
  1. Valley fold a US dollar bill in half from left to right, unfold.
  2. Bring the top right edge to meet with the midline. Repeat with bottom left edge.
  3. Turn over,
  4. Fold the top right corner down to make a small triangle. Repeat with the bottom left corner.
  5. Valley fold the top overhang and tuck it under so that it is hidden between the layers. Repeat with the bottom overhang.
  6. Mountain fold the model in half folding from right to left. Rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
  7. Mountain fold the model in half, unfold.
  8. Make valley folds to the left and to the right of the centerline. This forms the thorax (body).
  9. The model becomes three dimensional with the thorax pointing up towards you.
  10. Mountain fold the right wing down. Follow along the existing ridge. Repeat on the left wing using the right wing as a guide.
  11. Valley fold and then mountain fold the wings to form the upper and lower wings. Repeat on left side.
  12. Done