Origami CD Cover Square Center

These instructions are adapted from the "Best of paper CD cases" Instructions by golics. See original video here.

CD cover origami fold, free
  1. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half by bringing the bottom-edge towards the top.
  2. Fold in half again by bringing the left-edge towards the right.
  3. Fold in half yet again by bringing the bottom-right corner towards the left-edge. This forms a triangle with an overhang.
  4. Cut off the excess overhang.
  5. Make a crease mark by folding the left-edge towards the diagonal-edge. Fold and then unfold.
  6. This bisects the triangle into two smaller triangles.
  7. Place a CD on top of the paper. Align the CD so its center is exactly at the bottom tip of the triangle as shown.
  8. Use a pencil/pen and mark the crease made in step 5 & 6. Mark only the area not covered by the CD,
  9. Cut along the drawn line.
  10. Unfold the paper completely. You should have a square with 8 cuts.
  11. Place a CD in the center of the paper and fold the top and bottom flaps inwards.
  12. Fold the left and right flaps inwards.
  13. Fold a diagonal-flap inwards.
  14. Fold the tip of this diagonal flap back a little. The folded edge should align with the center of the CD.
  15. Repeat steps 13 & 14 with the remaining 3 flaps.
  16. Tuck the last flap under the first flap to lock the CD cover in place. Beautiful!