Origami CD Cover Flower Pattern: page 2

CD cover origami fold
  1. Start with the flower-in-a-circle pattern from page 1. Align a CD on top of the pattern such that the edge of the CD touches two flower petals as shown. Trace the entire circle around the CD.
  2. This is how it should look like.
  3. Slide the CD towards the left allowing the CD-edge to touch the next set of flower petals. Trace.
  4. This is how it should look like.
  5. Repeat 4 more times all around the central flower-in-a-circle pattern.
  6. Use a ruler and draw straight lines. Start the line where two outer circles intersect and draw the line towards the center of the paper. Stop when the line is one centimeter (a little less than half an inch) from the flower-in-a-circle pattern.
  7. Cut the entire pattern out of the paper and cut along the lines made in step 20. Cut along the red lines as shown.
  8. Place a CD in the middle of the paper. Fold a flap inwards.
  9. Fold the tip of the flap back out. The edge of this new fold should align with the exact center of the CD.
  10. Repeat this for the 2nd,
  11.   3rd, and
  12.   4th flaps. Always remember to fold the rounded tips of the flaps back.
  13. Fold the 5th flap as above but tuck this flap under the first flap.
  14. Repeat with the last flap: fold in flap, fold out tip, tuck under. Done! The most amazing CD cover ever! Thanks golics! ♥ ♥