Stand-Up 3D Clover

3D Clover Instructions

  1. Take a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper and cut it into 4 strips (about 2" x 11"). Fold one strip like an accordion (or fan) with alternating up an down folds. See here if you need visual cues.

  2. Draw a half clover on the top sheet of the folded paper. Cut out the clover shape. See image below for proper orientation of the clover before cutting.

  3. Pry open the layers of paper.

  4. Join the clovers into a ring by taping the first clover to the last clover.

  5. This forms a 3D paper clover that can stand up by itself.

  6. Notes:
    The clover will stand up better if you cut the stem so that it has a wide, flared base.

    The folded paper can be quite thick so caution is advised when cutting.

    The final clover is only about 2" high. Larger strip of paper may be easier to work with - for example, some teachers may have access to paper that is 4.5" x 24". Though construction paper is even thicker than photocopy (office) paper.

    Whatever size paper you choose, you need to have 8 folded panels in order to have a 4 sided 3D-clover. When tracing out the clover be sure that the center of the clover is facing the folded edge of the paper. See image below:

                      correct orientation                         wrong orientation