Origami: the Art of Paper Folding

This origami resource center provides information about the art of paper folding. We provide links to diagrams, databases, book reviews, and ways to be a part of the paper folding community.

Halloween origami
Halloween Origami

origami ornaments

Christmas origami
Christmas Origami

origami flowers
Folded Book Art

origami trees

origami santa claus
Origami Santa

origami wreaths

origami store
Origami Store

origami calendar
Origami Calendars

Chinese new year
Chinese New Year

money origami
Money Origami

origami birds
Origami Birds

origami heart
Loopy Heart

origami heart
Lucky Hearts

origami heart
Woven Heart

origami heart
Origami Hearts

origami star

origami boxes

origami airplane
Paper Airplanes

origami star wars
Star Wars & Trek

patriotic origami
4th July Origami

toilet paper origami
Toilet Paper Origami

origami butterfly

origami flowers
Roses & Flowers

origami jewelry
Origami Jewelry

origami for kids
Kids Crafts

CD covers
CD Covers

origami wedding
Origami Wedding

easy origami
Easy Origami

origami dinosaur

paper cranes
Paper Cranes

3D origami
Golden Venture Folding

origami fish

origami sea life
Sea Creatures

origami animals
Origami Animals

modular origami
Modular Origami

origami book mark
Books & Bookmarks

Envelopes & Letters

Easter origami
Palm Weaving

Easter origami
Easter Origami

origami book review
Book Reviews

candy wrapper origami
Candy Wrapper Origami

Fabric Folding

st patrick's day crafts
St Patrick's

fathers day origami
Father's Day Crafts

In Japanese, the word “ori” means “to fold” and the word “kami” means “paper”. So, “origami” means “to fold paper”. But there’s more to origami than its name. Where did it come from? Were the Japanese really the first people to fold paper? Why do we think of paper cranes when we think of origami? Who folds paper and why do we still do it? Click onto the links below to find the answers.