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This web site was developed with the help of a company called Site Build It!, abbreviated as “SBI”. In short, SBI is a web hosting company. They provide disk space where your web site is stored and visitors can access your site through the internet.

There are thousands of web hosting companies available, but SBI is a head above the rest. SBI provides tools for you to build a great web site and track all the traffic that comes into and out of your site. SBI also has an amazing support staff. Every time we have a question, it is answered within 24 hours. Fellow SBI’ers help each other with web site reviews, forums, tips and advice. There is a strong sense of community among SBI’ers.

Site Build It Pyramid of Success There are over 55 million web sites on the internet, don't get stuck at the bottom of the pile. SBI gives you tips & guildlines to optimize Search Engine ranking so that you're on top.
  • 35% of SBI web sites rank within the top 1%,
  • over 50% of SBI sites rank within the top 2%,
  • and over 60% of SBI sites rank within the top 3% compared to all other web sites.

If you are thinking of generating a web site, we strongly recommend Site Build It! If you already have a web site, you might still consider looking at what SBI has to offer.

  • SBI helps you build a web site that works
  • Compare SBI to other web hosting companies
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  • If you’re interested but not ready to take the plunge, you may consider reading the Affiliate Masters Course. This e-book is free and has close to 200 pages of information on how to build a web site that works. However, this is just the information. When you join Site Build It, you will get the tools to make it happen. What are these “tools”? Obviously, SBI does web hosting. SBI will also
    • Register your domain name
    • Provide graphics for your web site
    • Provide a point and click interface to help you build your web site (you don’t need to know HTML)
    • scan your web site on a regular basis and report any broken links.

    Case Study: The Origami Resource Center

    As an example, look at the stats for this web site. It was launched in November 2006.
    Month Visits per Day Visits per Month
    Nov 2006 9 279
    Dec 2006 96 2986
    Jan 2007 122 3795
    Feb 2007 191 5353

    So, in 4 months, The Origami Resource Center went from about 280 visits per month to 5350 visits per month. Currently it has over 10,000 per day. Wow. Every web site is different, so no one can promise or guarentee the success of your web site, but the accumulated evidence suggests that Site Build It can help build good web sites.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Currently, SBI costs $299 US: this is less than $1 per day. On occassion, SBI will offer promotional deals such as buy one and get another one for free. Why would you possibly need two web sites? Don't worry, you can give one away as a gift to a friend - or maybe just split the initial cost among two friends. Why pay $300 when some companies offer free web pages? Well, you know the truth: no pay --> no progress. Remember the 55 million web sites on the internet? Don't get stuck at the bottom of the pyramid.

    What if I don't like It? What happens if you pay your $299 and find that Site Build It is not delivering the goods? Not a problem, SBI will give you your money back. You get to keep the domain name, you get to keep the contents of your web page (but not the graphics from SBI). Go to the bottom of this link to try SBI risk free.

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