Origami Hearts

origami heart Surprisingly, there are quite a few diagrams for origami hearts. They range from simple to fairly complex models. Why so many hearts? It might be because a heart is a symbol recognized across many cultures. Giving a paper heart is a simple act that says, "I love you" in many languages. Shown on the left are lucky hearts; "My Heart Sings for You".
Francis Ow specializes in paper hearts. His work is on display all over the world and he has a book devoted to folded hearts.

Origami Heart Diagrams

3D Heart (S Delecat)
Balanced Heart (M Gardiner)
Beating Heart (Orc)
Broken Heart (origami-club.com)
Broken Heart (M Woloszyn)
Broken/Mended Heart (E Young)
Can Love be Squashed? (Sy Chen)
Checkered Heart (origami-club.com)
Devil Heart (Posummerny) with help
Double Heart (S Biddle)

Fancy Heart (ORC)
Framed Heart (origami-club.com)
Harlequin Heart (K-D Ennen)
Heart (E Udziela)
Heart (M van Gelder)
Heart (M Jackson)
Heart (page-a-day calendar)
Heart from Rectangle (Orc)
Heart from Square (Orc)
Heart from Triangle (Orc)
Heart I (Sy Chen)

Heart Bookmark (K Best)
Heart Bookmark (origami-club.com)
Heart Bookmark (F Guarnieri)
Heart Corner Clip (Orc)
Book Mark of Love (J Hills)
Long Heart Bookmark (Orc)
Heart Card V (Sy Chen)
Heart for Alida (M van Gelder)
Heart with Pockets (C Fulbright)
Heart Picture Holder (H Tahir)

Heart with Wings (origami-club.com)
Heart with Wings (F Ow?)
Heart Wings (NH Cường)
Winged Heart (?)
Love Links page 1, 2 (F Ow)
My Heart (N. Avila)
Loopy Heart (ORC)
Love Knot (ORC)

Lovers Knot (ORC)
Lucky Heart (ORC)
New Lover's Knot (Sy Chen)
Origami Hearts (ActivityVillage.co.uk)
Para Guardar en tu Corazon (JTB Molina) Pocket heart (AF Barbour)
Prize Heart (I Mitchell)
PureHeart (C Esseltine)

Pureland Diamond with Seamless Heart (J Needle)
Simple Heart (P Bailey)
Simple Heart over Heart (RP Yeh)
Striped Heart (origami-club.com)
Steadfast Heart (K-D Ennen)
Super Simple Hearts (M Mukerji)
2 Simple Hearts: here & here (F Ow)
Stand Up Heart (page-a-day calendar)
Standing Heart ()
Temko Heart (F Temko)
Token of Love page 1, 2 (F Ow)

Transforming Heart (KA Lundberg)
Two Color Heart (origami-club.com)
Valentine's Origami (simplehuman.com)
Will You be My Valentine? (S Mannes)

paper heart
paper heart
paper heart
paper heart
paper heart
paper heart
origami heart
origami heart
origami paper heart bookmark
origami heart
origami heart
origami heart
origami heart
paper heart
paper heart
origami heart

origami heart
$Heart Diagrams

$Aligned Heart (make-origami.com)
$Arrow in Heart (S Hecht)
$Beating Heart: page 1, 2 (D Petty)
$Change of Heart (S Hecht)
$Double Heart (S Hecht)
$Easy Heart (make-origami.com)
$Heart (MR Morden)
$Heart in Heart (Sy Chen)
$Heart for Origami (SS Cucek)
$Token of Love page 1, 2 (F Ow)
$Twin Hearts (video)
$Two Love (S Weiss)
$Valentine (C Randall)
$Valentine (Sy Chen)

origami heart

origami heart

love knot
origami heart
origami heart

origami heart
origami heart
origami heart
origami heart

Origami-Heart Rings & Necklace

$Heart Ring (S Hecht)
Lover's Ring (F Ow)
Origami Ring with Heart (H Kumasaka, diagram byC Liu)
Random Hearts Necklace (KD Stephens)

Heart Envelope, Letterfolds, Bookmarks

Double Card Heart (van der Ploeg)
Heart Card (H Birkeland)
Heart with Envelope (G Bubniak)
Japanese Letter Heart (van der Ploeg)
Love Knot (ORC)
Nabil Heart (van der Ploeg)
Origami Heart Envelope (MX Tai)
Pepi-Love Envelope (van der Ploeg)
Sweetheart letterfold (van der Ploeg)
Valentine Envelope (J Cunliffe)
Valentine Letterfold (J Cunliffe)
Heart Bookmark (K Best)
Heart Corner Marker 3 (F Ow)
Heart Corner Clip (Orc)
Mark of Love (J Hills)
Heart Bookmark (F Guarnieri)
Heart Bookmark (origami-club.com)
Heart Picture Holder (H Tahir)

Victorian Puzzle Hearts

what are Puzzle Hearts?
make a Victorian Puzzle Heart

Woven Hearts

Woven basket heart: 2x2, 3x3 more patterns (ORC)
Loopy Heart (ORC)
Lucky Heart (ORC)

Boxes with Hearts

Box with Hearts (B Gargol)
Box with 4 Hearts (K Kawamura)

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Books about Origami Hearts

origami books, Hearts

These origami hearts are made available by the origami community at large. If you have a model that you would like to share, or if you see your model here and would like it removed, please Contact Us. Diagrams are intended for personal use. Copyright of the models lie with the origami creators and designers. Please contact the designer and/or creator directly for non-private usage of a model and/or artwork.