Bubble Gum Wrapper Chain
variation 1

paper chainThis variation of the classic bubble gum wrapper chain uses a quarter as much paper and can be done in a half as much folding.
  1. Cut strips of paper of varying color. Paper used here is ½ inch wide and 4¼ inch long. Larger sizes can be used but maintain the ratio 1:8 (wide:long) plus an extra quarter inch in length to give it a little wiggle room.

  2. Fold strip in half and unfold.

  3. Fold the right and left edges to the midline.

  4. Re-fold in half again.

  5. This gives a unit that is about ½" x 1". Make as many of these as you can.

  1. Assemble the units: hold one unit (purple) and inserting a second unit (white) into it. Push the second unit through completely until it fits nicely as in 6a.

  2. Continue to insert more units. Orient the units so you get a zig-zag pattern.
paper chain

As in the case of the original bubble gum wrapper chain made in the 1960's this variation can be used to make bracelets, crowns, picture frames, purses and more.

Make a Bracelet

First make a chain and measure that it is long enough to go over your hand. In this example, there were 19 units. The connector will be the 20th unit.

  1. Unfold a unit and insert it to the last unit (#19) of the chain.

  2. Wrap the chain around to form a loop. Bring units 1 and 19 close together. Insert the unfolded unit (#20) through the first unit of the chain. Pull through completely.

  3. Fold the arm of unit 20 back and...

  4. insert back into unit 19. This allows the pattern to be maintained.

  5. Repeat with the other arm: fold back and tuck into unit 19.

  6. Done!
paper chain

You can also make the chains (bracelet) out of dollar bills

paper chain