A6 Dodecahedron

This A6 Dodecahedron was designed by David Brill and first published in Brilliant Origami by David Brill.

It uses 12 sheets of A-sized paper.

Origami A6 Dodecahedron Instructions:

  1. Take a sheet of A5 or A6 paper and fold it in half and unfold. Do this for vertical and horizontal so you can identify the center.

  2. Fold the top right and bottom left corners to the center. Repeat, fold the top left and bottom right corners to the center.

  3. Fold model in half. Tuck flaps A and B under one another so the unit locks together.

  4. Mountain fold the right and left arms down to form a pentagon. It may take a few tries to get it perfect but the better your pentagon, the better will be your dodecahedron.

  5. Make 12 units and assemble by inserting the tabs on one unit into the pockets of the second unit.

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